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Archer County is rich with history and we are looking to restore the old museum to give the community a place to once again gather, learn about the past, and preserve our stories for the future. The museum is housed in the second jail of the county, built in 1910. The photograph above is the way the jail was built, with corner towers and crenelated parapets. We believe the roof was capped with barrel clay tiles during the 1920s when the courthouse was also remodeled.


The three story jail was used from 1910-1974, when a new jail building was built and the building was decommissioned as a jail. Quickly, the community turned the space around into a museum and officially opened its doors in the summer of 1975. The museum was run by volunteers and attracted thousands of people to the county over the decades.


The last few years the museum has been closed. In 2020, the County sold the building and was turned into a nonprofit.

The contents have been cataloged and a master plan created by architects to help restore the building to its former glory.


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We look forward to reopening our doors and sharing the stories of Archer County once again!

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