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Branded Legacy Fundraiser 2024

The Branded Legacy Fundraiser was created to preserve the history of Archer County ranches and help raise money to aid the re-establishment of the Archer County Museum and Arts Center.

Kathy Morrison brought this fundraiser idea to the board, and Doc Darnell donated two cowhides for the event.

40 families donated to have their brand, which had to be registered in Archer County at one point in time, on the museum's cowhide. This cowhide will be on display in the future museum alongside the history and photos provided by the family. A second cowhide was also created to be auctioned off at the fundraiser.

The event included poetry by J. Robert Parkey, music by Kenny Fields, and a one-act play written by Clay Reid and Jim Black and performed by Obelea Rue, Mark Southard, Jim Bob Crowley, and Johnny Bart Hudson. Mike Humpert and the Humpert Holler then prepared a steak dinner, followed by dessert by Donna Wines.

The evening was a great chance for old friends to catch up and learn more about each other's histories.

A program was created and contained information from each family/ranch. Feel free to download it here:

Final Branded Program
Download PDF • 84.95MB

A special thank you for our sponsors who helped make this event happen and help us to preserve more of Archer County's history!

Archer County Post Offices Throughout the Years

Riman Post Office: January 10, 1878 - March 6, 1878 Discontinued and mail moved to Archer City Archer Post Office: June 24, 1878 - Present Day McCormick Post Office: February 5, 1886 - August 19, 189


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